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Hi Guys! I am traveling Africa in March 2022 ( see my trips listed below) and I am looking for 4 more guys to join my travel group. I am booked to do the Rhino Rescue Expedition to help care for baby orphaned rhinos (6 days), following this I am staying at the Phinda Safari lodge where we get a prefered booking rate ( i.e. cheaper than if we booked directly ourselves). After this I am going on a 3 day Gorilla trek in Rwanda staying at a 5 star Gorilla Safari lodge. If you are interested in making plans to travel with me tap the "Go to Whatsapp" or "Email to join" button below and send Man Ex a message to request to join my group. Man Ex will then send you the details of my travel plans and if you are interested in joining me we can then set up a time to discuss and make plans together”

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