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Hello everyone, I am excited to announce that I am doing a wildlife conservation trip with @URhinoProject  led by Tony Knight @TjkWild  to help care for baby orphaned rhinos in South Africa and to also help rhinos in the wild who are the most vulnerable to being poached and killed for their horns.I am looking for a group of guys to join me on this South African adventure to help care for rhinos as part of an effort to inform and educate all global citizens on the actions taken to protect these incredible mammals. I am also planning to partake in other activities around South Africa after we complete our conservation work. Please contact me with any questions. I need a minimum of 6 inspiring travelers to make this happen with a maximum of 10 people allowed to join my group. Click on the link below to register. @ManExpeditions  is managing the bookings and travel logistics for my group but anyone is welcome to join regardless of gender identity. Thank you!







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10% of the revenues from the trips listed on Man Ex support the @URhinoProject non-profit helping to fund rhino rescue efforts in South Africa. Charitable tax receipts are provided with every booking.