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Hi Guys. As most of you know I travel alot for both work and pleasure so I have created a Man Ex travel profile to help me discover how many of you, my Instagram followers, match with my travel interests.

I am looking for like-minded solo travellers or couples who want to join me on some or all of my upcoming travel plans. See travel agenda below. My business allows me to work remote so finding friends in my immediate social circle to travel with is not the easiest to coordinate hence why I am using this Man Ex to connect with those of you here who also love to travel. 


I am very busy between work and travelling so my time to socialize is limited. As a result, I will only respond to messages/match requests from guys here who seem seriously interested in travelling to the same destinations as me. 
I have listed the approx. budget for each trip/destination which I have booked which considers the costs for Accomodations, meals and activities. Please check to make sure your travel budget matches mine before requesting to be matched with me. If our budgets don’t align then we will obviously not be a good match as travel buddies :) 

I am always keen to meet new and interesting people when travelling so I don’t mind what your age is, what your fitness level is etc. as long as you are easy going, adaptable and have the personality of a good travel companion then I will be 100% interested in travelling with you. 


▫️Africa (Cape Town + Safari + Rhino Rescue) - Oct 15-24 : From $6,500 
▫️Buenos Aries - Nov 2-8 : From $3,500
▫️Puerto Vallarta - Dec 10-15 : From $2,500 
▫️Whistler Ski week - Jan : From $4,000
▫️Cape Town Pride + Safari - Mar 1-7 : From $4,500
▫️ Afrika Burn (Cape Town) - April 25 x 6 days : From $3,500


If you want to make plans to join me on any of my travels listed above and we match as travel buddies I will share my WhatsApp with you so we can get better acquainted and discuss linking up our travel plans based on my schedule above. 


  •   20-30yrs
      🍹Occasional drinker
      🍻Drink often
      ✈️Jet Setter
      👣Outdoor adventurer
      🌴Beach Lover
      🍷Wine Lover
      🍹Social Drinker
      ☕️Coffee Lover
      🐾Animal lover
      🐶Dog Owner
      🐈Cat Owner
      💎Luxury Traveler
      🏄SUP’er (StandUp Paddle Boarder)
      🌊Scuba Diver
      🔥Burner (BurningMan)
      🎉Party Goer
      🎭Arts&Culture Lover
      🍏Wellness Enthusiast
      💪Gym Goer️
      🏃Fitness Fanatic
      👔White Collar Executive
      🔧Blue Collar Worker
      👦👶Have Kid/s
      🥕 Vegan
      🙋♂️ single
      🤝 partnered
      ⭕️ open relationship

  •   ⛰Nature and Outdoors
      🌴All-Inclusive Resort Vacations
      🐶Animal/wildlife experiences
      💎Luxury/5 Star Get-aways
      ⛷Active Get-aways
      🔥Burning Man
      🎉Music festivals
      🎭Arts&Culture experiences
      ️🌈Pride events
      🍏Wellness Experiences/Retreats
      ❣️Volunteering Trips
      🔞Nudist Adventures

  •   $5000 or less
      $15000 or more
      I am not restricted by a budget

* required information