Grab your COMPLIMENTARY RETURN FLIGHT before 15 June, 2018.


Valid for all bookings made before 15 June, 2018. Flight departures from New York, Los Angeles, London(UK), Sydney(AUS), Toronto and Vancouver



Accommodations: 5-Star Hotels and Lodge accomodations:

  • 1 night, Trident Hotel Gurgaon – Delhi, India
  • 3 nights, The Grand Dragon – Leh, India
  • 7 nights, Snow Leopard Lodge – Ulley, India
  • 1 night, The Grand Dragon – Leh, India

Waitlist Deposit Due: $750 

Starts In: New Delhi, India


Ends In: New Delhi,India


Physical Rating: 2/5


Itinerary: See below


Payment Installments: 7 x monthly installments of $1,849 (plus 3% credit card fee). All installments must be made before 1 October, 2018. 


February 1-13, 2019


Countries:  Himalayas & India



  • The isolated barren wilderness of Ladakh, with the snow-capped Himalaya Mountains, cobalt lakes and ever-changing sand dunes, reminds you that you are on the “Roof of the World”.
  • Visit the Snow Leopard Conservancy and view the efforts made by the local authorities, and community, to conserve this endangered species.
  • Explore the Thiksey monastery, the most beautifully situated monastery in Ladakh, perched high on a hill above the Indus River.
  • Set out in search of the elusive snow leopard, and explore three valleys, which are also home to other unique wildlife including ibex, Tibetan antelope, blue sheep, shapo, marmot and the Tibetan hare. Venture out on foot, and by 4×4 vehicle, and gain insight into the region’s fascinating folklore, customs and traditions.
  • Enjoy the company of one of our most seasoned snow leopard guides.
  • Travel to the ancient Alchi Gompa monastery, located on the south bank of the Indus River. The heart of the monastery complex is the Dukhang, where the monks worship and perform their ceremonies. The complex boasts huge statues of Buddha, and elaborate wood carvings in a style similar to European baroque.
  • Explore the enchanted culture of Ladakh ( known as the ‘Little Tibet’).

Group Size: Min 6, Max 12









My trip to Cape Town South Africa with Man Expedition in 2016 totally exceeded my expectations. This was my first experience with group adventure travel and it won't be my last.  The Man Expeditions team delivered as promised....scalable adventure, luxury accommodations, a full but flexible itinerary with built-in down-time, and awesome healthy food. 



Can't say enough about Man Expeditions. Have been on the Southern Africa trips to Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa 2 years in a row. The adventures are always well planned and the group of men are the kinda guys you get to know and want to know for life. Can't wait for the Alaska adventure in a few weeks, it's gonna be completely different but just as exciting I'm sure. For those of you who are looking for well planned adventure trips with a great group of guys, Man Expeditions is the perfect choice. Come join the fun and feel the love.



BEST TRIP We have ever taken. The team at Man Expeditions were excellent hosts. In fact so good we are joining the next expedition with them. We met so many interesting and fun guys and I am sure we will all be friends forever.



As I near MY SECOND trip with Man Expeditions, to Alaska, I couldn't help but go back and look at some of the pictures of my first trip.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for changing my life, through the trip of a lifetime. To all the team, you're one in a million. I truly feel like the luckiest guy in the world, for having been introduced to Man Expeditions, for it has given me so so much.



"Man Expeditions trips are an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded guys from all over the world.  In our group many of the people we met forged strong friendships that continue to this day.  As an active, health-conscious person it is nice to have an alternative to party weekends where you can meet gay men in a social and healthy setting.  I highly recommend Man Expeditions for your next travel adventure!”



Last February I joined the first Capetown, South African Man Expeditions. I was especially attracted to the physically demanding itinerary items and to be going with like-minded men meant that I could meet some solid people with the possibility for ongoing friendship.

The itinerary was a super mix of fun-packed adventure with lots of free time built in to take in the culture and other amazing things that this awesome country has to offer (e.g. the southern sky and constellations I had never seen before at the Capetown Observatory).

With the expertise that our leaders brought to bear from initial concept right through to the optional safari add-on excursion, including well-organized structure throughout, you'll be in good hands and come back with new lifelong friends, and amazing photos and stories you'll have for life. The experience is well worth the investment!



The Man Expeditions Moose safari at Algonquin Park was an experience I really cherish and one that I highly recommend. In this fast paced world, even though we have almost immediate access to meeting gay men on social media, it can be a challenge to make meaningful connections with like minded guys. What sets this gay men's adventure group apart are the hosts from Man Expeditions and the reason for that is because they care about creating an atmosphere where gay men with love of adventure can come together to connect, rejuvenate, and to share in common experiences, in a safe and comfortable environment. I look forward to my trip with this group!



I have nothing but great things to say about the Man Expeditions Team and their entire experience. If you have the opportunity to take a trip with Man Expeditions, take it, I certainly recommend it. It could be a life changing experience as it was for me. Anyone that is contemplating taking a trip with Man Expeditions and may have some questions regarding my experience, please feel free to contact me.



Soul Lifting, Life Changing, Heart Raising, Fear Crushing, Love Affirming. We had an amazing expedition through Africa with a solid group of guys. Thanks Man Expeditions for such a memorable experience! We are booked to do the Alaska Glacier Expedition with the Man Expeditions crew again this Summer. CAN NOT WAIT! 



So I went with Tony and Man Expeditions to South Africa in 2015 with Paul. It remains the best vacation of my life. I’m really itching to go on another trip with the group when I can get off work. 

The reason why Man Expeditions is so great is Tony is organized to a T. When I go to a place, it’s difficult for me to figure out the great sights to see, places to eat, excursions to take, etc. 

Tony does all that research for us. He finds all the best activities to do, manages the transportation, manages the food, everything. The amount of logistics he handles is staggering, and I’m so thankful. 

All you have to do is show up!

So with that said, if you’re on the fence, I highly recommend going on a trip with Man Expeditions. You’ll meet some great people and have a stress free, exciting vacation that is truly once in a lifetime


- TIM C.

So much fun! Highly recommend Man Expeditions! I've been on two trips with the team, Cape Town and Namibia/Botswana. It's something I couldn't have done without their expertise. By vacation standards, it's a very active trip. Climbing to the top of Big Daddy dune in Namibia was very challenging but I had a huge rush when we got to the top and it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Botswana was crazy with animals and the accommodations were amazing. Again, highly recommend!



My March 2017 trip to Southern Africa was my second Man Expeditions adventure, following the Canada Moose Safari trip the prior summer.

Based on that first trip I knew I could expect an unforgettable experience and form lasting connections with a group of like-minded guys. 

A visit to Africa is at the top of the bucket list for an avid amateur photographer like me who has a keen interest in shooting landscapes and wildlife in their natural habitats. This trip did not disappoint and the itinerary included visits to places I might not have otherwise visited, thanks to Tony and Craig’s experience living and traveling in this part of the world.

The desert landscapes of Namibia were absolutely breathtaking. There’s something about the stark beauty and eerie silence of the surroundings that impress upon you just how far away from it all you’ve traveled which I’d imagine visiting another planet would be like. I was planning my return before I’d even left!

In all three destinations the accommodations, food, and service exceeded my expectations and then some. As for the excursions, I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of being just feet away from a pride of lionesses and their cubs basking in the glow of the late afternoon sun, or the first time encountering elephants in the wild. If you’re serious about taking photos be prepared to sort through thousands of incredible images!

Absolutely the trip of a lifetime and one that I cannot recommend more highly.



Amazing trip! Full of great energy, enthusiasm and fun. I highly recommend Man Expeditions!! See you all soon


- TOM S.

A great experience with a great bunch of guys. To date I have done the Canadian Canoe Moose Safari and the Southern Africa Safari Expedition with the Man Expeditions crew and thoroughly enjoyed both. Tony was the Expedition Leader for both and was a fantastic leader. I also enjoyed the peace of mind having Tony lead the trip as he is a local born in South Africa and knows Africa well so I always felt safe under his leadership. I have already booked the next group trip in Africa. Cant wait!



Man Expeditions is an amazing way to connect men through an organic and energetic adventure. The community trips to Africa are fantastic! Love this travel community for gay men.  




With many distinct personalities attending, the team at Man Expeditions were able to design and implement an adventure for which we will have lifetime memories