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Upmost App 

Hi Guys, Thanks for checking out our crowdfunding page for the UPmost Adventures App, a proudly affiliated partner of Man Expeditions. We are calling out for your help to launch this App which will help save more Rhinos in Africa from poaching AND will also provide a valuable service to you by helping you find other like-minded travellers who you have the most in common with you based on similar life interests, travel aspirations, social values, social habits etc. 

The App will showcase, in real time, other like-minded members who you are the most compatible with along with the highest consumer-rated adventures in your city and around the world as voted for by Upmost members. 

Finding compatible individuals who want to travel and explore the world in the same way you want to is not the easiest task. This App will provide you with a fast-track to quickly identify other travellers from your ideal demographic profile who rank the highest with you based the travelling criteria you find most important.

It is mandatory for all listed UPmost vendors to contribute 5% of their after tax profits to the Rhino Project initiative to help pay for veterinarian teams, transport logistics and ground support teams dedicated to helping save more Rhinos in Africa from the brutal poaching attacks which have seen a sudden spike over the last 12 months fed by the unyielding increase in demand for rhino horn from asian markets. By supporting UPmost Vendors you will be greatly helping the fight against the poaching crisis. 


"Get matched with compatible travellers, HELP SAVE RHINOS and enjoy top-rated bucket-list adventures IN YOUR CITY AND AROUND THE WORLD"




The person who donates the most to the Upmost cause before July 15, 2018 will be flown down to South Africa all expenses paid to see the Rhino Project Conservation work we do and will have the opportunity get hands on with our vetinarian teams in the wild. 

Anyone who donates over $50 you will recieve an UpMost Rhino App Bracelet and a 3 months complimentary membership to the Upmost App.



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Our journey started with a simple travel problem "How can we find other compatible gay guys to join us on a group expedition" Its extremely difficult to find travellers who want to travel the same way as you, within the same budget as you, within the same time frame as we have the solution - Upmost. Pick your dream adventure and then view your travel matches showcasing  guys who are highly compatible with you based on the social travel criteria you pre-selected.  

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Personalized Thank You

We truly thank you for your support, every bit helps.

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Rhino BraceleT

We truly thank you for your support, every bit helps.

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  • Personalized Rhino bracelet with unique App ID 

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