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This survey is designed to match you with other guys who share similar interests, lifestyle habits, social/personal values, life goals, travel aspirations and of course what your are looking for (i.e. new friends and/or a romantic connection). We will group you together with guys who rank 80% or higher with you based on their survey responses. Note: If you are signing up for the purposes of finding a love connection please know it is impossible to predict human chemistry so please keep your expectation levels in check. You should join this compatibility trip knowing you will make a bunch of new friends who share the same passions in life as you and from there who knows what may develop. We ain't no Cupid Love Machine BUT we have seen many romantic connections develop from our trips so we have great confidence in knowing the team building nature of the adventure trips we run are highly effective in developing new relationships organically. We recommend trying to connect with those around you on an emotional level versus a physical level and you will be surprised at what may develop if you engage with that mindset.  

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Social & Character Trait Analysis *
Social & Character Trait Analysis
If I had to choose between a night in with friends or going to a nightclub with them, I would go clubbing with friends for sure.
I like the nightclub/circuit party scene
I am a smoker
I am a recreational drug user
I like to drink alcohol often
I consider myself an adventure seeker who loves exploring nature and the great outdoors.
I would say I am more of a city person than an outdoors enthusiast
An adventure weekend away appeals to me more than a relaxing weekend chilling on a beautiful beach
Living a fit and a healthy lifestyle is important to me
I love going to the gym. Its part of my lifestyle and regular routine
I find working out to be a chore but I force myself to do it.
Given the choice, I would read a book over watching a movie.
I find enrichment more in life experiences than material things.
Material status in life is important to me (i.e. my job title, the car I drive etc.)
I regard myself as a planner. I plan things well in advance versus making plans spontaneously.
I regard myself as an intellectual
I regard myself as a free spirit
I am spiritual but don't follow a structured religion
I have strong religious beliefs
I often find myself participating in gossip.
I regard myself as a private person and don't disclose my intimate encounters to others.
I am an outgoing peoples person
I am shy and reserved
Punctuality is very important to me
I tend to be relatively orderly and tidy
I tend to be a neat freak
I am a big spender and enjoy spending my money
I am very conservative with my finances and spending habits
I am a workaholic (I work in excess of 9 hours a day)
I value time spent with loved ones and family more so than work