The Southern Africa 2019 waitlist is now open

Dates: April 08-18, 2019.

The Southern Africa Expedition is our most popular trip so we will be prioritizing trip placement requests in the order they are received based on a first come, first serve basis. Currently we are at 50% capacity for 2019. For details on how to join the waitlist for this trip click the button below: 


Your participation on this Southern Africa Expedition will help us significantly to raise global awareness about the devastating impact illegal trophy hunting and poaching is having on our lion populations in Africa. If anyone wants to paraglide from Lions Head in Cape Town as part of the "Leap To Save A Lion" initiative to help raise awareness and funds to protect lions in Africa from illegal throphy hunting and poaching let us know. The professional footage from this jump will be used for a sponsored global PR and social media campaign to help drive donations for the protection of the African Lion.