Date: March 2, 2019

Who: 20 invited guests from Man Expeditions

Man Expeditions has been invited by one of the largest samba schools in Rio (G.R.E.S  Renascer de Jacarepaguá) to join their float in the Carnival parade on March 2, 2019. We have be offered 20 spots on their float which we can extend to our invited guests. Accommodations are already nearly fully booked in Rio so if you’re interested you will need to decide quickly.


The Parade Experience takes us into the Rio Carnival’s purpose-built stadium, the Sambódromo, and unlike the thousands of people there to watch we’ll be performing on a float! 

We’ll join forces with other performers wearing the same incredible costumes to form a spectacular decorative effect.  

The School’s Carnival Consultant will handle every detail and work with us on selecting our costumes. The opportunity to represent a school at Carnival is a huge honor, rooted in years of tradition and each year’s theme is painstakingly created with every last detail executed to bring it to life. 

We’ll be immersed into this world by our Carnival Consultant and briefed on the 2019 theme and music so when you arrive we’ll already feel part of it and raring to go! 

On the day of the carnival we will be driven in via private transfer and our experience will be captured by one of the school photographers so we’ll have the memories to look back over for a lifetime. 

The Signature Parade Experience includes: 

  • Position on a float with a group of people dressed in the same costume

  • Bespoke costume made to measure

  • Carnival Consultant who guides us on the costume selection and briefing for the 2019 theme and music

  • Small alterations to our costumes upon arrival in Rio

  • Group transportation to the Sambódromo

  • Carnival host to escort us onto the float

  • Photographs of our Parade Experience

  • Seeing the show from the Gay Camarote Pra Poucos

To ‘See the Show’ we’ve partnered with the amazing gay camarote, Pra Poucos, where we can watch the parade from within the hospitality space with waiter service. Set over three floors the hospitality space offers everything from food and drink to top DJ´s and shows, here we’ll be able to enjoy the greatest show on earth from the best seats in the house with full and free flowing hospitality all night. 

Price: starting from $3,995 (This is the carnival participant cost price for a position one the float. This has been offered to us in support of the Man Expeditions Rhino Rescue Project. This price is $1,000 less than what it costs other invited participants.



SCHOOL COLOR: Red and White.

FOUNDED: 2nd August 1992. 

WINS: Two-time champions and three times vice champions. 

SYMBOL: White dove above flames. 




Images of the costumes will be available by the end of October. 

Two types available:

Signature-composition costume

Platinum– Principle costume. 



This is the selected music for 2019 parade https://soundcloud.com/srzd/renascer-2019-samba-enredo


In each guest’s confirmation pack they will receive the lyrics translated into English and also phonetically to help be able to sing along on the day!



18:30 – Carnival host arrives at hotel with costumes to do final briefing and get everyone ready. 

20:00 – Picked up from hotel in private group transportation. 

21:00 – Arrive at the Sambódromo and escorted by Carnival host to the staging where preparations begin to get everyone dressed correctly and up onto floats. 

22:45 – Samba School Parade begins. 

23:20 – Float reaches the end where you’ll be greeted by Carnival host who will either a) escorted you to the private transportation to leave or b) walk you to the gay Camarote (hospitality area). 

23:30 – Arrive at hospitality area to get changed and ready to watch the rest of the show. 

23:45 – Next samba school begins their parade  - This will then continue throughout the night as the four remaining schools all take their turn parading. 

06:00 – Parades finish and hospitality area closes.