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Get matched with compatible BURNERS and help SAVE RHINOS.

Upmost BURNER App

Going to Burning Man this year? If so, check out Upmost! It's a social matching App for festivalgoers and travellers worldwide to help identify and connect individuals who most closely match your social values, common interests, social habits, travel aspirations, spiritual alignment, etc. The App works in tandem with the Upmost Rhino Necklace and/or Bracelet to connect like-minded people offline at the worlds best festivals and group adventures locally and globally. The Beta version of the App will be launched on August 20, 2018 in time for Burning Man this year.

Upmost uses leading edge scientic methodologies to identify members whose survey responses most closely match yours.

Before you embark on your next festival or group adventure, login to Upmost and search for your event to see and engage with the attendees who are the most compatible with you based on your survey responses.


the best part's free!

We are excited to offer this to all Burners for FREE as part of the App launch. In addition, it's also our hope the Burner community will reciprocate and support us with donations to help us fund the final phase of the App's development and the costs associated with running Rhino Project expeditions in South Africa to help save more Rhinos from the current poaching crisis.




Step 1: Register for the App before August 22nd and complete the compatibility surveys before you hit the playa. It’s FREE to register and see your matches. 

Step 2:  Order the Upmost Rhino Necklace and/or Bracelet (optional) to help your matches identify you while on the playa.  Each necklace has a unique ID that will be registered to your profile. Proceeds from these necklaces greatly help us  to fund the Rhino Project and save more rhinos.

Step 3: Look for Burners out on the playa wearing the Rhino Necklace/Bracelet and be sure to say hi, and snap a selfie of the two of you to record your connection. This is a great way to meet new people and a good conversation starter to break-the-ice.

Step 4: Upload all your Rhino Necklace/Bracelet "burner connection" selfies to the App. Every connection made = 20 points. The Burner with the most points upon the funding goal being reached will win an all expenses paid trip to South Africa courtesy of our sponsors. You will join the Rhino Project in Kwa-Zulu Natal to get “hands on” with our vet and research teams to help dehorn and/or ear notch a Rhino to protect them from the risk of being poached.

**Additional points can be earned by donating more to the cause each $1 donated = 1 point.


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$29 minimum donation

(Larger donations are appreciated!)  

Wearing this necklace will help your matches identify you on the playa. We truly thank you for your support.

Items included:

Rhino Necklace personalized with unique ID registered to your profile.


APP PAGE Overview

What Can You Do with UPmost  beyond BURNING MAN?

Connect: Engage with compatible festivalgoers and travellers who rank the highest with you based on social criteria which is most important to you.

Offline Identity: The Upmost Rhino Necklace and/or Bracelet helps members identify each other offline and is a great ice-breaker to segway into a conversation. Be sure to say hello if you pass someone on the street wearing them.

Explore: Discover top consumer-rated travel, festival and event experiences.

Form Groups: Form travel groups with your top matches and save money by booking as a group. (available in December).

Travel advice: Find a local travel concierge in the region you're traveling through to help coordinate your adventure or shout out to people in the Upmost community! (Premium member feature).

Free travel: Earn travel credits through promoted adventures by sharing Upmost with your friends and donating to Upmost affiliated charities. 

Build new relationships: Make new like-minded friends around the world. 



• When you donate a minimum of $29 to this cause you will receive an Upmost Rhino Necklace personalized with a unique ID number that can be used with the Upmost App at the Burn and other events.

• When you purchase an Upmost Rhino Necklace you will also receive 3 months Premium Access to the Upmost App when it is launched in the App store.

• The person who is at the top of the Competition Leaderboard when the funding goal is achieved will be flown to South Africa all expenses paid to join one of our Rhino Project Expeditions in 2019, and will be able to get "hands on" with our conservation teams to de-horn and/or ear notch a rhino in South Africa saving it from the threat of being poached. 


• We need to raise $29,000 to cover the cost of the native app development, the Rhino Project expedition, and the Rhino Necklace production. 

• If we don't meet our funding goal, the funds raised will be held until we reach it through additional fundraising projects, at which point the winner will be announced. We will keep you updated on the progress.  



Your contributions, no matter how small, will have a big impact on helping to raise funds to pay for the following: 

1) Veterinarian fees.

2) Helicopter and pilot fees to track the rhinos at risk of being poached. 

3) Costs associated with ear notching and tagging the rhinos for identification and tracking purposes. 

4) Ground support teams. 

5) Lodging costs during the expedition. 

It's a great way to meet new people who are inspired to travel with a positive hands-on change approach through supporting local communities, environmental and wildlife conservation efforts. After the final version of the App is completed in December of this year, we will be listing top consumer rated eco-tourism bucket list adventures from around the world that give back to local communities, wildlife and/or environmental, conservation.  



We do have some challenges ahead of us. For this App to be effective, we need critical mass of at least 1,000 subscribers for the compatibility matching algorithms to be effective. We are hoping you and the rest of the Burning Man community will give this App the wheels it needs to launch properly, delivering a valuable service to you the user, and our efforts to help save rhinos. 



-Please get the word out about the Upmost App to your friends and family. 

-Share this campaign on all social networking sites

-Email everyone in your contact list. 

-Share it on reddit and stumbleupon. 

-Tell everyone around you to share the campaign. 

Thank You All For Reading and Helping :)