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Our journey together started with a simple pitch of a simple story, "The Blind Date". From there we have fed off each others energy and enthusiasm to form Bistro Boys Productions.This campaign is uniquely aimed at not only financing the rest of our short "The Blind Date", but a way to ignite the next project.


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Bistro Boys Productions

About a year ago, two struggling artists, Chad Allen and Mike Lazar, met and were able to each communicate not only their love for film but a giant goal:

To tell interesting and entertaining stories through film that appeal to a wide range of audiences. 

Then they got to know each other.

Chad has been an actor/director/teacher/writer for over 20 years. He has studied with numerous teachers in search of the best way for him to tell stories. 

CHAD ALLEN: "Bistro Boys Productions is the next big step in a journey that started for me some 20 years ago. One of the biggest obstacles that I have had over my career is finding a like minded individual with a similar sense of humour to tell stories with. Enter Mike."

Michael Lazar has been handy with letters since a young age. Six years ago he made the plunge and left everything he knew behind to start a new journey in the world of writing. 

MICHAEL LAZAR: "I'd like to think that after all this time of shelving my ideas or throwing them out (The latter's quite frequent I assure you) I've finally found a sound plan to promote not only ideas, but a true appreciation and understanding of the craft."

So that part happened, the two went ahead with their first idea "The Blind Date" after a lot of hard work. Harder still, was accomplishing the budget for it.

Then they looked into Indiegogo and said yes! Now that's an idea!

CHAD ALLEN: "What we are looking for from you is funding to help us finish off our first short film, "The Blind Date" and get a head start on our future projects. We currently have a few short films that are ready to be shot and a web series underway that we are hoping will keep us busy for the next few years. Your generous donations will help to push those start dates from years away to months away. We have currently spent over $5000 and more favours than we can count on the short. That money has paid for equipment, crew, costumes and legal fees. We are starting out by asking for $2500 which will go to the completion of the film and festival submissions. If we make more it will go into and help decide the next project we shoot. "

MICHAEL LAZAR: "As a thank you, we've rounded up some pretty unique perks for you to enjoy. From A short story told about you to having dinner with some of the brainchilds behind the whole operation. These one of a kind offers should most certainly get you excited about the possibilities this company has to offer."

CHAD ALLEN: "Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at our campaign. We are extremely excited about this new journey and ask that even if you can't donate, please share our campaign with your friends and family as the word of mouth is even more powerful than the funds."