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I love animals
If I had to choose between a night in with friends or going to a nightclub with them, I would go clubbing with friends for sure.
I like the nightclub/circuit party scene
I am a smoker
I am a recreational drug user
I consider myself an adventure seeker who loves exploring nature and the great outdoors.
I would say I am more of a city person than an outdoors enthusiast
An adventure weekend away appeals to me more than a relaxing weekend chilling on a beautiful beach
Living a fit and a healthy lifestyle is important to me
I love going to the gym. Its part of my lifestyle and regular routine
I find working out to be a chore but I force myself to do it.
Given the choice, I would read a book over watching a movie.
I find enrichment more in life experiences than material things.
Material status in life is important to me (i.e. my job title, the car I drive etc.)
I regard myself as a planner. I plan things well in advance versus making plans spontaneously.
I regard myself as an intellectual
I regard myself as a free spirit
I am spiritual but don't follow a structured religion
I often find myself participating in gossip.
I regard myself as a private person and don't disclose my intimate encounters to others.
I am an outgoing peoples person
I am shy and reserved
Punctuality is very important to me
I tend to be relatively orderly and tidy
I tend to be a neat freak
I am a big spender and enjoy spending my money
I am very conservative with my finances and spending habits
I am a workaholic (I work in excess of 9 hours a day)
I value time spent with loved ones and family more so than work