Due to limited availability for this expedition you will need to join our waitlist before we can confirm your placement on this trip. In order to be waitlisted for this trip:
•You will need to pay a $500 (plus $24 credit card fee) refundable waitlist deposit by clicking the green “tickets” button linked HERE
•We will contact you within 10 business days to let you know if we have been able to place you on the trip. 
•If we are not able to place you on this expedition, your $500 deposit will be fully refunded. 
•If there's availability on the trip, the remaining deposit installments will be required to be paid as detailed below:

Instalment 1 - $2150 (Due no later than 1 week after we confirm your placement) 

Instalment 2 - $3936 (Due no later than 1 month after Instalment 1 is paid)

Instalment 3- $3936 (Due no later than 1 month after Instalment 2 is paid).

Note: If you registered for this expedition after 15 October 2017 then payment must be made in full.